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What’s the difference between a Staffordshire Barn Dance Band and a Staffordshire Ceilidh Band..??

Sounds like the start of a joke doesn’t it?

Actually,  there’s precious little difference now. A Barn Dance sounds a bit more ‘English’, that’s all. To be fair, a ‘ceilidh’, as you might guess, is an Irish word, and  a ceilidh in Ireland used be be a mixture of song and dance, often in someone’s house, (a bit cramped!!) but a ceilidh, as we now know it, is pretty much like a barn dance. Every barn dance is different, of course, and there’s a vast range of tunes to choose from. But whether it’s a barn dance or a ceilidh, they all follow the same pattern; there’s a ‘caller’ to talk you through each dance before you start, and even while you’re dancing, and everybody has  a great laugh and everybody has A GREAT TIME!!

Staffordshire Ceilidh Band

Photo - Victoria Berringer  Poynton Ceilidh